Bespoke Furniture

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From clever shelving units and heirloom garden furniture to intricate carved wooden wardrobes, we’ve done it all.

Our custom-built furniture is sometimes created as an elegant problem-solving project, orr as part of a bigger interior design process. But for every single one of our clients, our fitted or free-standing furniture is created through collaboration and consultation.

Whether you’re looking for a staircase for your 17th century cottage without a straight wall or right angle in the building or a dining room table that echoes the visual motif in your soft furnishings, or if you’re simply looking for some elegant shutters for your windows, we work with you to suggest elegant solutions to your unique challenge.

Prices depend entirely on the scale of the project and to a lesser degree the choice of material. However as a guide we work on £35 per workshop-hour, solid wood furniture prices start at around £1000.

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