How We Work

You are unique

And your home is too, which is why every commission starts with an informal design consultation. This will take place on site whether that’s in your home, your office or at the bottom of the garden. It’s an invaluable a chance to create and talk over some initial pencil sketches to help everyone envisage how the finished piece might look.

Pinning it down

We’ll then produce scale drawings and sit down with you to look at the choices of materials (please see our thoughts on wood) before agreeing prices and timings.

Getting to work

Your piece – whether it’s a fitted kitchen, a new bed or just a coffee table – will then be handcrafted in our workshops where you can visit to check on progress if you like.

The perfect finish

When we’re sure your commission has been built to the highest possible standard, we’ll bring it along, or ask you to come along to the workshop to give your seal of approval then we’ll come along and fit it. Please know that if you’re not happy or if you have any issues with what we’ve built for you, we’ll always be ready on hand for you to call on.

Find out more about the process, materials, and customer comments.

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